Diamond Portrait Collection

in collaboration with diamond painter Angie Crabtree


Spencer Fine Jewelry launched the Angie Crabtree Diamond Portrait collection in New York City on July 24, 2016.

The new collection features diamond painter extraordinaire Angie Crabtree’s intricately painted diamond portraits, transformed into a Spencer Portrait™  gemstone.

Spencer says, “Historically, images of nobility, kings, queens, and notable artists were hand painted in miniature on porcelain by extraordinarily skilled painters. Collaborating with Angie Crabtree allowed me to re-imagine the subject of these treasured objects, while maintaining their intention -- the depiction of what the heart holds most dear, forever immortalized in an authentic gemstone. Angie's medium of painting by hand pays homage to these original artists, while the introduction of the photograph makes her labors accessible to a broader audience, allowing us all to feel like royalty."

Crabtree says, “On canvas, my paintings convey realistically painted diamond facets enlarged 1,000+ times so that I can admire their beauty in better detail. By turning them into Spencer Portraits, I can wear a ring that turns my diamond painting into a 10, 15, or 20 carat gem! Now I can finally have the best of both worlds."

To receive a catalog, please contact melissa@spencerfinejewelry.com.